AirTag could be used with bad intentions but Apple has the solution


There are those who can’t wait to be able to buy AirTag, but if Apple is taking so long to launch it, there is probably a reason. Perhaps even more than one because it is an accessory that, if used voluntarily in the wrong way, can even be dangerous.

This type of Bluetooth locator is nothing new for those who have been reading us for some time or more generally for technology enthusiasts: they are very small and extremely useful accessories because they attach to objects that could be easily lost and help to find them. Among our pages, there are several reviews of similar products that show how, for example, they can change the fate of a bunch of keys, a digital camera, a backpack, or even a bicycle.

AirTag Apple Tracking Device

AirTag Apple Tracking Device
AirTag Apple Tracking Device

Before Apple integrated the car location function on iOS, there were also those who bought one to leave it in the car in order to remember where it was parked. In short, they are an evolution of the find-everything that for decades have appeared in magazines such as that of “The Unobtainable” that this reporter loved to leaf through every year in this pre-Christmas period in his grandmother’s house.

But precisely because of their nature, that of being small and inconspicuous, they are also potentially very dangerous. For example, anyone could easily slip one into a passerby’s bag and follow him home.

Apple has already thought about this and it seems that it is working on some features that allow precisely to avoid these abuses. I found Steve Moser through a few lines of code found in iOS beta 14.3 published a few days ago. One of these – he explains – for example, reveals the content of a notification that should appear on the user’s devices in particular conditions. The text reads: “If you believe your safety is at risk due to this element, please contact your local law enforcement. You may need to provide the serial number for this item ”.

Furthermore, users could be notified when they are near an unknown AirTag – to return to the example of the chase mentioned above – by means of a simple notification that says “Unknown accessory detected” and if the contact is prolonged “This article he moved with you for a while: the owner can see his position ”.

It is not clear if Apple is also working on some options that allow you to disable an accessory that is not under your control in such a way as to prevent it from tracking your movements. We don’t even know when it will actually be available: previously it was believed that Apple could present it during the event concluded a few days ago where, instead, only the first Macs with Apple Silicon were presented. At this point, Apple could announce it via a press release or directly at the next Apple event in 2021.



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