Android 11 – all the news of the Developer Preview 3 | Updated


Android 11 continues its journey undisturbed towards the public release: in a few hours, Google has started the release of the third Developer Preview which can already be downloaded on Pixel devices in the dedicated pages.

Also, in this case, it is a version addressed to the world of developers and as always there is no shortage of good news.


  • Cancel the closure of an app: the DP3 of Android 11 introduces a new feature that allows you to restore or cancel the closure of an app from the multitasking menu. The function, 9to5google points out, can currently only be used on one of the apps stored on your device.
  • Notifications for apps performing background tasks: Google changes the behaviour of notifications once again. Starting from Developer Preview 3, all the notifications in the specific bar can now be cancelled, but those still “active” (ex: the one dedicated to screening recording), will be automatically moved and displayed in a new section with a more minimal design. By tapping the bar, the notification will be restored.
  • Automatic revocation of app permissions: DP3 includes a new setting that allows the user to determine whether to automatically revoke some permissions (it seems to vary according to the app) of an app when the app has not been used for a few months. The option is present in the “App permissions” section and is disabled by default.
  • New recent app menu buttons: the multitasking menu is further enriched thanks to the addition of two new buttons, both observable in the animated image a little higher (the one on the left). Both work just as you might expect. The first (Screenshot) allows you to quickly capture an application’s screen, while the second (Share) allows you to quickly share the saved screenshot.

Android 11 giphy
Android 11 giphy
Android 11 Wireless Charging
Android 11 Wireless Charging
  • Picture-in-Picture window resizing: anticipated in the previous DP2, the possibility to change the size of the PiP window is now available together with the latest Developer Preview. To resize the appropriate window just click on it and drag a corner.
  • Reverse wireless charging: Google is working on a reverse wireless charging feature called “Battery Share”. The first clues were discovered by XDA Developers within the DP3 code and it seems that it will allow you to share the smartphone battery charge to recharge that of earphones, watches and other devices compatible with wireless charging.

  • Wireless Debugging: DP3 officially introduces the “Wireless Debugging” feature which allows you to associate the device to a PC without using any cable, but only by means of a code. In the future, the functionality will evolve further and the coupling can be carried out through a special QR code.
  • Restoring Google Pay functioning: this is more of a fix than a new feature, but it is still important to report it. With the latest Developer Preview, it is now possible to return to using Google Pay as a payment method. The devices now pass SafetyNet tests and are therefore approved for contactless payments.

Excellent news also for those who are already used to changing the sensitivity of gestures on Android 10 (see presence on Rog Phone 2 and beyond). Google has in fact officially introduced on Android 11, a slider that allows you to change the sensitivity with which it is possible to make back side gestures. A very effective system to be able to eliminate or prevent any accidental touches and exits from menus and applications.



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