Apple adds Intercom support and HomePod mini to HomePod


Apple adds Intercom support and HomePod mini to HomePod

Along with the operating systems iOS 14.1 and iPad OS 14.1, Apple today released a new version of the HomePod smart speaker software with version number 14.1. The update brought support for the Intercom feature and the ability to work together with the recently announced HomePod mini.

HomePod mini
HomePod mini

Recall that the Intercom function allows you to use several Apple smart speakers as a communication system within a house or apartment. It will allow users with multiple HomePods or HomePod minis in different rooms of their homes to communicate with each other using smart speakers. 

In addition, the latest firmware has received some improvements to the Siri voice assistant. HomePod searches can now be sent to the iPhone or iPad. In addition, Siri can now stop alarms, timers, and media.  There is also support for recognizing the voices of multiple users. Siri’s performance has been improved and an issue has been resolved that could cause stereo pairs to play audio out of sync.

Thanks to new software, the original HomePod, released back in 2017, will be able to transfer user data such as Apple ID settings, Apple Music and Siri to the new HomePod mini automatically. Now you can also use songs, playlists, and radio stations from Apple Music as an alarm signal. 

The latest version of the software will automatically install on supported smart speakers.



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