Apple’s first electric cars won’t have driver controls


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:47 pm

Apple’s first electric cars won’t have driver controls

Apple’s interest in the market for active driver assistance systems is evidenced by at least its patent activity, and informed sources continue to insist that by 2024 the production of electric vehicles of the brand will be established at the Kia plant in Georgia. Sources claim that driving functions in these vehicles will be completely lost.

kia motors
Kia motors

The CNBC resource joined the discussion of the topic with the expected zeal. One of the sources he interviewed said that at the stage of development of the first Apple electric vehicles, the presence of the controls familiar to the driver was not provided at all. This means that the machines will be controlled exclusively automatically. Their scope of application at the initial stage will be limited to logistics operations and work in the robotic taxi service.

The release dates for Apple’s first electric vehicles could be pushed back to a later date. No firm agreements have been reached between Apple and Kia, and other partners in the production of vehicles have not yet disappeared from the company’s field of vision. According to Morgan Stanley experts, the capacity of the automotive market and related services reaches $ 10 trillion, so Apple will only need to borrow a couple of percent on it to block the revenue from the smartphone sales business. The company simply considers the segment of transport services to be a new promising market for itself.

Early reports pointed to a lack of consensus among executives at parent company Hyundai Motor over the partnership with Apple, but CNBC sources say the Korean auto giant’s new chairman, Euisun Chung, is focusing on autonomous technology and new types of propulsion. Cooperation with Apple should allow the Korean company to gain access to many promising developments in this area.

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