Biggest Wi-Fi update coming in 20 years – 6 GHz connection Wi-Fi 6E


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:10 pm

A historic event took place – the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allocated a frequency range of 6 GHz for unlicensed use. This will allow you to use 6 GHz for all sorts of home and not very routers and Wi-Fi access points, as the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands are now used.

This is the most significant expansion of the available range since the FCC paved the way for Wi-Fi back in 1989. It should solve the widespread connection problems that occur due to congestion in the field.

wifi 6ghz band
wifi 6ghz band

As Kevin Robinson, head of Wi-Fi Alliance marketing, noted, this was the most monumental discussion of Wi-Fi frequencies in history, in all 20 years of the alliance’s existence. The coalition was founded in 1999, and then they started using the 2.4 and 5, GHz bands.

The opening of a new range for business will take place towards the end of the year. It is noted that in modern devices, it will be possible to communicate at higher speeds and with more excellent stability. The first devices with support for Wi-Fi 6 GHz are expected at the end of 2020.

However, the large-scale deployment will not begin until 2021, when the Wi-Fi Alliance will open a certification program for devices that support Wi-Fi 6E.


Of course, the FCC solution will not clear this frequency range immediately in other countries. Similar decisions should be made for the European Union and other regions. However, the beginning has already been made, and with the advent of devices, one can expect an acceleration of the introduction of the necessary legal framework.

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