BMW 3 series: slight restyling outside


The German company is about to launch the new BMW 3 Series, one of the company’s most famous cars, which will undergo an interesting restyling.


The new BMW 3 Series is ready to enter the market, the house said that the launch will be in July. We still don’t know anything about the price , but the closer we get to the debut date , the more details we will discover. The new 3 Series will have a nice change , both external but above all internal, trying to become more and more technological. The 3 Series as we know, is the best-selling car in the history of the Bavarian house , and it wants to continue to be.

bmw 3 Series front view
bmw 3 Series front view

The New Series 3

The exterior will have changes both in the front and in the back. The front has modifications to the headlights, which are full LED , and are thinner. The daytime running lights also have changes, an important change also for the grille. At the rear , the bumper changes , with larger diameter tailpipes . The standard car is equipped with 17 ”alloy wheels .

Now let’s move on to the inside , which presents a technological evolution for the Series 3 , never seen before. The dashboard features a 12.3-inch screen that runs from the driver’s side to the center . The infotainment of the car presents, the 8.0 version of the house. It is equipped with advanced voice controls , BMW ID functionality and BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant . The screen looks curved, to try toimprove the positioning of the central part of the car.

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When the 3 Series goes on the market, it will be able to count on 10 different types of engines . The petrol engine features a turbocharged four-cylinder , then the horsepower and torque vary according to the model you choose. There will also be the hybrid version , with different powers based on what you choose. The type that deserves more attention is the Sportiva one, which is equipped with a 374 horsepower six-cylinder engine and a torque of 550 Nm .


The base car will have many options

If we choose the basic version , we can rest assured, because we will have many options without spending more. There will be the Park Distance Control front and rear , a really useful option is the Front Collision Warning , which helps to recognize the presence of pedestrians and cyclists on the road. There will also be Speed ​​Limit , which will be present directly on the display . The new BMW 3 Series presents itself with many driving comforts and always with a sporty design .

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