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Hyundai Ioniq 6

Car of the Year Hyundai Ioniq 6 has dropped sharply in price for the 2024 model year


The basic version has fallen in price by $4,100 The Hyundai Ioniq 6 2024 model range has dropped significantly in ...

The 680-horsepower BYD Leopard 8 has been tested


Testing a prototype close to the production version In China, a prototype of the BYD Leopard 8 SUV (aka Bao ...

Toyota cars

Not all Toyota cars are successful and popular.


Hydrogen Mirai is not in great demand, and there is almost no refueling infrastructure even in the USA Toyota has ...

new Gnew

The new Geely received a 45-inch 8K screen, a steering wheel and an aerodynamic design


Geely Galaxy E8 will be released soon The Geely Galaxy E8, the first sedan in the purely electric Galaxy E ...


Toyota has introduced an updated 10-seater Land Cruiser 70, which is not available for purchase.


This SUV has a special purpose Toyota introduced the updated classic Land Cruiser 70 in the summer, but then they ...

Toyota Highlander crossovers

Toyota is recalling more than 800 thousand Toyota Highlander crossovers


Cars with fastening defects were produced for three years Toyota announced a recall of Highlander crossovers in the USA, Canada, ...

Lada Niva Sport

The new Lada Niva Sport with a 150-horsepower engine has been presented


It is more than 30 horsepower more powerful than the Lada Vesta Sportline AvtoVAZ presented the new Niva for rally ...

Nissan Armada

The new Nissan Armada will be much better than the Land Cruiser 300.


The new generation Nissan Armada will receive a V6 engine with 424 hp. And While Toyota is busy launching sales of ...

Lada Vesta NG

AvtoVAZ began shipping the Lada Vesta NG in the Enjoy configuration with a rear view camera.


For 1,560,000 rubles AvtoVAZ is expanding the list of available trim levels for its flagship Lada Vesta NG sedan, as ...

Lada cars

Will Lada cars become more expensive starting November 1?


Prices are predicted to rise by almost 10% Recently, rumors appeared on the Internet that AvtoVAZ will once again raise ...