Caviar introduced the Martian iPhone 12 Pro named after Elon Musk


Caviar introduced the Martian iPhone 12 Pro named after Elon Musk

Despite the fact that Apple has not yet presented the new iPhone 12 smartphones, the Russian brand Caviar has created a concept version of the iPhone 12 Pro, which is dedicated to the American company SpaceX and its leader Elon Musk.


Caviar was probably inspired by the recent successes of SpaceX, which first successfully delivered astronauts to the International Space Station and then returned them to Earth. The concept also touches on the topic of the colonization of Mars, the possibility of which Elon Musk spoke about more than once.

The presented concept is accompanied by the slogan “Musk be on Mars”, which is placed on the back of the case. Under this slogan is the signature of the head of SpaceX and his full name Elon Reeve Musk. The back panel is complemented by a beautiful relief image showing the launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon.

What makes this concept iPhone 12 Pro really special is that the back of the smartphone houses a small portion of the actual SpaceX spacecraft. This fragment is integrated into a relief image that shows the moment the rocket is launched into space.

The body of the smartphone is made of titanium, and the relief image is applied to the back using laser engraving. Each smartphone in this series will receive a unique identification number, and a total of 19 units will be produced.

Since the exact design of the iPhone 12 Pro is still a mystery, it is important to understand that the renders depict a concept model, the final appearance of the customized smartphone will be identical to the real iPhone 12. As for the cost, the version of the iPhone 12 Pro Mars Edition with 128 GB of storage will have to pay $ 4990, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max with the same memory will cost $ 5450.



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