Cerberus Android banking Trojan to be auctioned


Cerberus Android banking Trojan to be auctioned

The hacker group behind the Cerberus banking Trojan targeting Android devices intends to sell the entire project in a sort of auction. The initial cost of the lot, which includes everything from the source code and the list of clients, to the installation guide and scripts for the joint work of the components, is estimated at $ 50,000. At the same time, hackers are ready to give the entire project without bidding for $ 100,000.


For about a year, the group behind the Cerberus malware advertised its creation and rented the bot for $ 12,000 a year. The purchase of a license for shorter periods has also been proposed. Cerberus is currently bringing in $ 10,000 a month, according to a message posted by a Trojan seller on an underground forum. The reason for the sale is explained by the fact that the Cerberus team has disintegrated, and its members no longer have time to support the Trojan around the clock. Therefore, it was decided to get rid of the entire project at once, including the existing client base, their contacts, and a list of potential buyers.      

According to some cybersecurity experts, the $ 100,000 price tag for malware like Cerberus is likely to attract the attention of sophisticated hackers who are capable of not only keeping the malware running but also continuing its further development.

Cerberus malware is rich in features, and one of its features is the ability to determine if it is running on a real device or sandboxed. Among its features is the ability to create fake bank notifications prompting the victim to enter login information, as well as the function of intercepting one-time two-factor authentication codes.



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