For Honor’s New Season of Mayhem Story Trailer Released


For Honor’s New Season of Mayhem Story Trailer Released

We already wrote that on December 10, a new season will begin in the medieval multiplayer action movie For Honor. Earlier, a trailer was released dedicated to the Griffin – the 29th fighter of the game armed with a two-handed ax. And now the developers from Ubisoft have presented the first story trailer.


The video shows the difficult path of the Griffin through all the main factions of the game, and in the background, his words are heard, addressed to those wishing to resist the Order of Gorkos: “Someone thinks that they are fighting for the sake of power or justice or even peace. But the truth is, these are just pretty words, not worth dying for. I? I’m just glad I can still fight and breathe. But there are much less fortunate here. If it seems to you that no one hears you in this chaos, or you can no longer bear this pain, or if I have let you down before, then I will say this: I am here again to do everything right. I will fight to the death and fight for you. “

Although the Order of Gorkos is still strong, the battle has not yet been completely lost: when the Griffin joins the alliance, the factions will have a chance to win and stop the spread of corruption.

Ubisoft has yet to reveal the content and features that will be included in Mayhem. However, it is already known that the update will add new features when playing the game on the next-generation consoles: PS5, Xbox Series X, and Series S. In addition to the 60 frames / s,  the following features should be expected :

  • improved reflections on the water;
  • increased drawing of details at a distance;
  • higher shadow resolution;
  • improved texture filtering;
  • 4K resolution (Xbox Series X, PS5) or 1080p (Xbox Series S).

For Honor was released on February 14, 2017, on PC (now available on SteamUplay, and Epic Games Store ), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



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