From killer flagships to state budget killers. OnePlus is going to produce low-cost smartphones


Using ODMs

OnePlus has been dealing almost exclusively with flagship smartphones since its inception. In 2015, the OnePlus X model was released, which was significantly more accessible than the OnePlus 3, but they decided not to continue the experiment for one reason or another.


From killer flagships to state budget killers. OnePlus is going to produce low-cost smartphones

However, earlier the OnePlus flagships themselves were different. The company entered the market with the slogan “flagship killer,” and for a long time, it was highly justified. However, now OnePlus 8 Pro in the USA costs $ 800-900, and this is generally comparable with the flagships of A-brands.

Perhaps that is why soon, according to many leaks and rumors, the company will release OnePlus Z – its first non-flagship smartphone in five years. It is unclear when it will be announced, but there is no particular doubt that it will be released.

According to the source, this OnePlus is not going to stop. It is reported that the company intends to turn to ODM manufacturers to develop and manufacture several smartphones with support for 4G and 5G. This will be done in order to reduce the cost of devices and occupy those niches where OnePlus was not previously represented.

When such smartphones appear and what they will be, one can only guess. But formally, these will not be just OnePlus smartphones.  



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