Google updates Wear OS: smartwatches will run faster and longer


Google updates Wear OS: smartwatches will run faster and longer

Back in August, Google promised to update Wear OS in the fall. The new operating system is now officially available on the Suunto 7 smartwatch. Google has also confirmed that it is the first device to be updated to the latest Wear OS.

Google watch
Google watch

The search giant said the new operating system saw applications launch 20 percent faster. It is reported that such impressive results were achieved thanks to a thorough optimization of the Wear OS core. In addition, Google is announcing significant revisions to the operating system controls, which should significantly improve the usability of wearable devices. Google also claims that the process of pairing smartwatches with smartphones is much faster and communication between devices is much more stable.

The latest, but far from useless innovation, is the significantly increased, according to Google, the battery life of wearable devices running the new Wear OS. However, the company has not yet revealed how it managed to achieve this. Apparently, also optimization.

In terms of availability, Google said the Fall Wear OS update will be available on a wide range of devices in the coming months.



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