GTA 6 – Playable characters according to the established leaker with a novelty for the series


Like GTA 5, GTA 6 should again have more than one playable character. And one of them will be a woman according to a leak.

GTA 6 is still not officially confirmed, but rumours and leaks about the title have been increasing for a while.

The latest prediction comes from Tom Henderson – and thus from a well-known source that has already distinguished itself with correct predictions in the past.

These predictions include the announcement of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. In the case of the latest GTA instalment, Henderson wants to know something about the playable characters:

Who do we play in GTA 6?

Henderson explains succinctly that for the first time in the history of GTA we will control a female and a male protagonist. Incidentally, this also suggests that there will probably be another character change, as already announced in GTA 5.

Why does that indicate a change of character?

Henderson’s statement initially leaves some room for interpretation. Having a playable male and female protagonist in a game could also mean that you simply set your gender at the start of the game or create your own character entirely.

According to Henderson, however, this is a first for the series. In principle, individual female characters were already selectable and playable in the past: on the one hand in the first GTA from 1997, on the other hand in GTA Online.

Character change on board again: GTA 5, on the other hand, was the first part of the gangster series, in which you could switch between different protagonists in the course of the game. This wasn’t just cosmetic, as each of the three anti-heroes had a special skill.

According to the leak, we can expect a similar system again in GTA 6, only that, according to Henderson, for the first time you will also welcome at least one woman in the group.

Fulfilling a fan wish: If GTA 6 does indeed have a female protagonist, then one of the greatest fan wishes would be fulfilled. At least that was the result of a survey of more than 5,800 players.

More rumours around GTA 6

Officially, almost nothing is known about GTA 6 so far. However, there are numerous rumours surrounding the title. There are currently suspicions that the upcoming part could take place in Virginia.

However, as we found out in our survey, most of you would much rather return to Vice City.



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