Hitman and Shadowrun Collection giveaway in EGS


Hitman and Shadowrun Collection giveaway in EGS

The Epic Games Store has launched the distribution of two new projects – Hitman and Shadowrun Collection. The promotion will last until September 3 (20:00 MSK). You can pick up projects directly on the store’s website.


Hitman is the first season of the relaunch of the history of the world-famous killer Agent 47. Users will have to complete a number of main missions in various locations around the world and a number of additional contracts. The game was released in 2016 and received positive reviews on Metacritic.

Shadowrun Collection is a collection of three tactical RPG games from the Harebrained Schemes studio. The action takes place in a fictional world with elements of cyberpunk and fantasy: its inhabitants strive to master not only technological innovations but also magic. 

Epic Games also named the next project to be in the air. It turned out to be a turn-based tactical game Into the Breach. The store will donate it again – a similar promotion was already held in December 2019.



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