How to make the tingling that numbs hands and feet disappear


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:36 pm

Among the most frequent and unexplained winter ailments is tingling in the limbs. That feeling of numbness in the muscles affect the hands and feet, but also the arms and legs.

How to make the tingling that numbs hands and feet disappear

Today we will deal with how to make this annoying numbness disappear with the Health and Wellness Experts of ProiezionidiBorsa.

tingling in feet
tingling in feet

An army of ants under the skin

In most cases, paresthesia (the scientific name for numbness ) comes from a movement or a wrong posture that we assume without realizing it while watching television or while we are on the phone.

But there are some cases in which tingling is actually the first stage of the disease. For example, an inflammation of the median nerve in the right hand. It is common in those who use the computer mouse for a long time. Or it can be a principle of arthrosis, given by the progressive thinning of the cartilages in hand or foot with advancing age.

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Tingling is a recurring condition for those who drink too much alcohol. But it also affects a limb that has suffered a fracture. There are numbnesses caused by prolonged states of anxiety and stress. Or they occur as a result of panic attacks. The water retention that occurs during pregnancy can cause annoying tingling in the hands or feet. The lack of vitamin B12 is also enough to restore it to see it disappear.

What time do the limbs fall asleep

There is no typical time for numbness; it is a phenomenon that can occur at any time of the day and without any warning.


In the early morning, our legs can fall asleep due to a wrong posture assumed during sleep. Or we find ourselves with the ants under the skin during the hours of smart working.

Beware of alarm bells, such as cold skin, muscle weakness that lasts for the whole day, the onset of a strange itch. It is always good to consult a doctor for these symptoms; it is necessary to investigate any circulatory problems. Recurrent tingling and heart attacks, for example, have direct correlations, albeit in a small percentage.

How to make the tingling that numbs hands and feet disappear

Physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, and a healthy diet makes it possible to minimize tingling due to too much sedentary lifestyle. An anti-stress ball to be squeezed between the fingers several times a day can keep the joints more elastic and promote better blood circulation in the fingers.

To prevent tingling feet, a simple exercise that dancers do is helpful. Standing up, place your hands on the radiator and stand on your toes alternately. Sitting in bed, hammer your toes up, and then spread them out in front, pulling. Always alternating, first one foot and then the other.

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We have, therefore, seen how to make the tingling that numbs hands and feet disappear.

If, despite these exercises, the numbness does not subside, it is good to consult your family doctor. Who will prescribe a blood test or an electrocardiogram?

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