Huawei to stop releasing Kirin SoCs due to US pressure


This was reported by the Chinese financial publication Caixin

As early as next month, Huawei Technologies will cease the production of Kirin SoCs for Huawei’s flagship smartphones. This was reported by the Chinese financial magazine Caixin, citing increasing US pressure as the reason for the end.

Huawei Kirin SoCs
Huawei Kirin SoCs

Huawei to stop releasing Kirin SoCs due to US pressure

US pressure on Huawei’s suppliers has deprived HiSilicon, the company’s chip division, the ability to continue manufacturing these key smartphone components. This, according to the publication, said Richard Yu (Richard Yu), CEO of the Consumer Business Unit, presenting the new model Mate 40.

“Starting September 15, we will not be able to release our flagship Kirin processors,” he quoted the publication as saying. – Our chips based on artificial intelligence also cannot be produced. This is a huge loss for us. “

In May, the US Department of Commerce banned software and manufacturing equipment suppliers from doing business with Huawei without first obtaining a license. At the same time, HiSilicon develops microcircuits using software from American companies such as Cadence Design Systems and Synopsys, and orders production from TSMC, which uses American technology equipment.

HiSilicon manufactures a wide range of chips, including the Kirin line of processors, which are only used for Huawei smartphones and are the only Chinese processors that can rival the likes of Qualcomm.



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