iOS 14 may be left without full widgets


Earlier in the iOS 14 code, they found a hint of the possible appearance of desktop widgets in the operating system.

According to new information, Apple has already begun large-scale testing of the iOS 14 operating system, which, presumably, may be introduced in June, as happened with previous versions of iOS.

iOS 14
iOS 14

iOS 14 may be left without full widgets

Earlier , screenshots from the version of iOS 14, which is intended for familiarization by developers, got to the Network . Screenshots indicated that dynamic wallpapers could appear in iOS 14. In addition, in the code of iOS 14 they found a hint of the possible appearance in the operating system of full-fledged desktop widgets.

However, now sources claim that the appearance of widgets in iOS 14 is on a big question. Allegedly, Apple does test this feature, however, it is unlikely to appear in the final version of iOS 14, as the company does not consider this feature of the operating system mandatory and necessary.

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The main priority of Apple in the development of iOS 14 is the stability of the operating system, as well as the desire to reduce the number of errors to the theoretically possible minimum. Therefore, some innovative features that could please iPhone owners can be put under the knife. Widgets are one such feature.

The release of the final version of iOS 14, if Apple adheres to the standard schedule, is expected in September this year along with the announcement of the iPhone 12.



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