June Android update arrives at the Google Pixel


Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 07:52 pm

The first Monday of June arrives, and with it, as usual, comes the security patch corresponding to this last period, accompanied by the security bulletin that includes the vulnerabilities that Google, with the help of its partners, has solved over the past few weeks.

June Android update

The June 2020 security update is available to all Google Pixels except 2016 models. However, the Pixel series models are not the first to receive it, since once again Samsung has moved ahead by updating the Galaxy S10, S20 and Note10 series models.

In this case, we are dealing with an update of the Pixel Feature Drop type, so that, in addition to security improvements, there are also new features exclusively dedicated to Pixel series devices.

Those who do not want to wait for the OTA to arrive on their mobile phones can proceed to manually install the OTA file corresponding to the February patch published by Google. The installation of this file does not entail the loss of data of any kind since it is an incremental update that does not affect the data stored in the internal memory of the device.


On the other hand, the security bulletin lists all the vulnerabilities that have been rectified with this update, categorized according to the level of threat they posed facing the platform. In addition, as I indicated before, they include incorporates several specific improvements in an operation aimed at Pixel phones. All of them have been detailed on the official Google blog.

Pixel series models
Pixel series models

Improvements to the personal security panel, sleep monitor in the clock app and more

The main novelty introduced by this update in the Pixel series comes directly to the Google watch app. Now, the new “sleep time” function allows you to maintain consistent sleep habits thanks to the possibility of programming the time at which we usually go to sleep each night. In this way, the app offers the option to reproduce relaxing sounds and limit interruptions while we sleep.

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Google Bedtime watch app

On the other hand, in case of ignoring the time to go to sleep, the application will generate statistics that show the time we spend using each application. In addition, each morning we will be awakened with one of our favourite songs – if we choose to do so – and with screen lighting that gradually increases.

All of these new features are part of the new set of digital wellness tools, with which Google plans to help users better fall asleep and improve their night habits. Only a few days ago, the possibility of adding bedtime alerts was introduced in the YouTube app.

Google has also improved the operation of the voice recording app. This now allows you to start, stop, or search for recordings through voice commands using the Google Assistant. As a novelty, the possibility of transcribing the recordings to Google Docs documents is introduced.

Android Update Crisis Alert

We can also find improvements in the personal security panel. Now it is possible to use the “Safety Check” function, designed to ensure that we have returned home safe and sound after doing any type of activity. In case of not accepting the notice that will appear at the scheduled time, the app will alert the emergency contacts.

Finally, the company indicates that the adaptive battery saving mode has been improved, so that, in the Pixel 2 and later models, the system is able to predict when the battery will run out to reduce background activity to increase the autonomy.

This should be the last monthly update before the arrival of Android 11 Beta, which was scheduled for release on June 3, but has finally been postponed, according to Google, because “this is not the time to celebrate.” Except for a last-minute surprise, the security patch for June should be integrated into the first public beta version of Android 11.

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The Android security patch of June 2020 will be released in the next few hours through OTA gradually, and will gradually reach compatible models.

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