“Let Intel begin to solve real problems, instead of creating magical instructions.” Linux creator criticized Intel


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:17 pm

For supporting the AVX-512

The AVX-512 instruction set is sometimes considered an advantage of some Intel processors. However, in most cases, especially when it comes to conventional consumer CPUs, supporting the AVX-512 does not make much sense.


“Let Intel begin to solve real problems, instead of creating magical instructions.” Linux creator criticized Intel

The creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, even believes that Intel should stop implementing the AVX-512 in its processors, focusing on more important areas.

I hope that the AVX-512 will die a painful death, and Intel will begin to solve real problems, instead of trying to create magical instructions, then to create tests on which they can look good.

I hope that Intel will return to the basics and focus on regular code that is not aimed at HPC (High-Performance Computing) or some other meaningless special cases.


The AVX-512 has its drawbacks. I would prefer that the transistor budget be used for other things that are much more relevant. Even if it’s still math FP (in the GPU, not the AVX-512). Or just give me more cores (with good single-threaded performance, but no garbage like AVX512), as AMD does.

I think the AVX-512 is a completely wrong thing. This is my favorite callus. This is a prime example of what Intel did wrong, in part by simply increasing market fragmentation.

Torvalds wrote this statement against the backdrop of rumors that, in Intel’s Alder Lake processors, the AVX-512, apparently, will not be. By the way, Torvalds himself recently for the first time in 15 years replaced the Intel processor with AMD product.

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