Lextar and X Display want to accelerate microLED adoption in mass production


Companies signed partnership agreements

Recently, Lextar Electronics, a leader in Opto-semiconductor solutions, and X Display Company (XDC), which develops microLED displays, announced several agreements. Specifically, a development, licensing, and service agreement was signed under which Lextar licensed XDC’s intellectual property, and both partners were able to supply their customers with microLED displays manufactured by Lextar.

microLED displays
microLED displays

Lextar and X Display want to accelerate microLED adoption in mass production

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with XDC to provide Lextar with innovative and actionable technology for mass-producing microLED displays,” said Lextar’s vice president of partnerships. – Lextar has been developing microLED technology for many years and is renowned for its expertise in the display industry. Leveraging XDC’s broad and fundamental portfolio of microLED intellectual property, we look forward to a strong partnership between the two companies to accelerate the commercialization of next-generation display technology. What’s more, our customers can take advantage of our one-stop offering that includes everything from microLED chips to display modules. Together we strive to change the picture of the industry. “

Recall that Lextar has long been involved in microLED technology and has invested resources in several specialized projects, including miniaturization of LEDs, their packaging and testing, assembly of modules, etc.

As for XDC, this company is a pioneer in microLED mass transfer technology and has an impressive portfolio of more than 400 patents. XDC’s patented elastic stamp mass transfer technology is considered the most viable method for mass-producing microLED displays for applications ranging from TVs and signage to monitors, laptops, and smartphones. XDC not only licenses its technology but also supplies components for microLED displays.




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