LG came up with a folding smartphone-book with two curved screens


LG came up with a folding smartphone-book with two curved screens

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has published a patent for another unusual smartphone from the South Korean company LG Electronics.


The document has a laconic name “Mobile terminal”. It describes a folding device in a book form factor. As you can see in the illustrations, on the outside of each of the halves of the gadget there will be a screen that folds over in the area of ​​the articulated joint.

A loudspeaker and a single camera will be located above the display in the front part. A camera will also be installed above the rear screen: the images show a single module, but theoretically, there could be several optical elements and a flash.

The presence of two displays on opposite sides of the case-book will allow you to implement different modes of operation. For example, by deploying a device, the user can transform it into a small tablet.

When closed, the curved sides of the displays can display auxiliary controls, useful information, etc.

The patent application was filed back in April 2018, but the development is only now registered. It is not yet clear whether a smartphone with the described design will appear in the commercial market. 



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