Lower blood sugar and cholesterol: the perfect natural mix


There is a very powerful all-natural folk medicine capable of lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, but not only.

blood sugar and cholesterol
blood sugar and cholesterol

When it comes to keeping some parameters of our body under control, the first solution, the most immediate and safest one is the correct diet. In fact, there are many foods and many drinks that are able, in a completely natural way, to rebalance some substances.

A healthy and balanced diet is the first step, for example, to solve problems of obesity, overweight, but also if you have high values. We are talking about blood sugar, bad cholesterol, triglycerides. All these elements must be kept in the norm in order to maintain good general health.

In this regard, folk medicine has spread a very powerful natural mix capable of lowering blood sugar and cholesterol and giving other very important health benefits. It is tea with lemon and bay leaf, a real cure-all, but let’s find out more about its properties.

Lower blood sugar and cholesterol with lemon and bay leaf tea

It is not surprising that tea can benefit the body, especially if lemon is added. In addition to being an ingredient that can never be missing in a tea or hot drink, it has properties that are very useful for health. If laurel is also added to this lemon tea, it becomes a very powerful natural medicinal mix.


First, let’s see how herbal tea is prepared with these ingredients. Put the water in a saucepan and add the lemon juice and bay leaves before it comes to a boil. Then the heat is turned off and left to infuse for about a quarter of an hour. In the end, everything is filtered out and you can already drink it.

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A study by Cumhuriyet University has identified that this completely natural drink can quickly lower blood sugar and cholesterol, but in reality, it is also the author of many other benefits for the body. Among these we find:

  • Promote digestion;
  • Speed ​​up metabolism and promote weight loss;
  • Being a powerful anti-inflammatory;
  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • Diuretic and detoxifying action;
  • Stimulate the production of collagen;
  • Prevent anxiety and stress.

Lemon, with its vitamins, and bay leaf, with its slimming properties, can be a panacea for health. Of course, it is always advisable to contact an expert if you want to take this drink on a regular basis.