Microsoft fixes Windows 10 bug that forced OS to restart


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:44 pm

Microsoft fixes Windows 10 bug that forced OS to restart

It became known that developers from Microsoft have fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, a forced restart of the Windows 10 operating system occurred. This problem, which occurs on some devices with Windows 10 October 2020 Update, became known in November last year.

Windows 10

According to reports, the bug causing forced reboots is related to the Local Security Authority system service, which is responsible for authorizing local users on computers with Windows 10. Users who encountered this problem reported a message that said that a forced restart was required. Moreover, the reboot began in a minute, and this could lead to data loss.

The good news is that the problem with forced OS reboots affects a small number of users. The developers have already started distributing the corresponding patch along with the latest update of the software platform. Microsoft support document states that this issue does not affect users running the latest version of Windows 10 20H2.

The source also notes that Microsoft began rolling out a patch that fixes a bug due to which passwords were not saved in different applications such as Edge, Outlook, Chrome, etc. Users had to re-enter their passwords after each OS restart, even if they chose the save option credentials. This issue also only affected a subset of Windows 10 users and has now been resolved.


At the same time, Microsoft removed the block that prevented the download of the 20H2 update on some computers. This means that in the near future, significantly more users will be able to update their PCs to the most current version of Windows 10.

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