Microsoft introduced the “touch screen desk phone”


Introduced Microsoft’s Smart Teams Display line of smart displays

Microsoft has introduced a line of smart displays Microsoft Teams Display, which are designed to play video, make video calls, and many other tasks.

touch screen desk phone
touch screen desk phone

Microsoft introduced the “touch screen desk phone”

The creators of the Microsoft Teams Display, describing their device, say that it is a desk phone with a touch screen and smart features. It is equipped with Cortana personal assistant support. Microsoft claims the device is ideal for video conferencing and viewing content.

Lenovo has already introduced its own Microsoft Teams Display, which is called ThinkSmart View. This device is equipped with an 8-inch HD touch screen, 1.75-inch 10 W wideband speaker with two passive tweeters, as well as microphones and an HD camera. The description says that it is built on the platform of Microsoft Teams and runs on Android AOSP 8.1. It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, and also supports dual-band Wi-Fi. The price of the device is 349 dollars.

Also this year, another Microsoft Teams Display from Yealink will appear (pictured next to Lenovo ThinkSmart). It has a different design, but the screen also has a diagonal of 8 inches.



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