Microsoft will change cracked screens for Surface Laptop 3 for free


Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 07:47 pm

But only during the warranty period

Microsoft’s Technical Support website has posted a message regarding Surface Laptop 3. More precisely, situations with the appearance of cracks on the screens of some of these devices.

Surface Laptop 3

According to the manufacturer, he studied reports of cracking of the Surface Laptop 3’s screens and concluded that “in a very small percentage of cases, solid foreign particles can cause cracked hairs in the glass that appear to appear unexpectedly or for no apparent reason.”

For anyone who believes that they have encountered the described problem, the company recommends contacting support to take advantage of the possibility of free repair during the warranty period.

By contacting this issue earlier and paying for the repair of Surface Laptop 3 laptops, in which the described problem appeared, the company promises to reimburse the costs.

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