Minecraft development studio changed name (Mojang Studios) and logo to reflect readiness for new games


Mojang Studios was renamed Mojang Studios and changed its logo to celebrate Minecraft’s eleventh anniversary. “Why do we need a new name and logo? Why not?” “Said Thomas Wiborgh, head of creative communication.

Mojang Studios

According to Viborg, the studio just wanted to “freshen up”, as people do from time to time. In addition, Mojang now consists of several studios from around the world, and the company itself is “playing with ideas for completely new games

“The game is at the core of Mojang Studios,” continued Viborg. – This [update reflects] the block base of our games, the foundation of our development philosophy, and even part of our name (which roughly means ″ gizmo ″ [or ″ gadget ″] in beautiful, old-fashioned Swedish). And finally, it is directly inscribed in our new modular logo

The latest Mojang games are Minecraft: Dungeons (for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch) and Minecraft Earth (for iOS and Android). The studio is part of Xbox Game Studios.


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