Never eat these foods that are contaminated with a carcinogen


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:35 pm

The Ministry of Health recently recalled nine food products for chemical risk. The reason is the presence of ethylene oxide. Just like for the products withdrawn from the market a few days ago. The recommendation is to absolutely not eat these foods contaminated with a carcinogen. Here’s what foods it is.

Here is the list of products withdrawn from the market

The Ministry of Health recalled a series of food products yesterday, 13 November. These are various types of seeds, all organic. How should those who have already purchased them behave? The advice is to bring them back to the store they come from. You can get a refund or an exchange. The important thing is not to eat these foods contaminated by a carcinogen at all:

a) Carrefour bio – blend of organic seeds.

b) Carrefour bio – organic sesame seeds.

c) Cerreto lovers of organic – a mix of organic seeds.


d) Cerreto lovers of organic – a mix of seeds for organic bread.

e) Organic Cerreto lovers – sunflower, sesame, organic pumpkin mix.

f) Organic Cerreto lovers – organic sesame seeds.

g) Organic Cerreto lovers – organic sesame seeds in a tray.

h) Pam & Panorama – mix of organic salad seeds.

i) Pam & Panorama – organic sesame seeds.

What is ethylene oxide present in recalled foods?

In the products withdrawn from the market, a quantity of ethylene oxide higher than the legal limit was detected. This substance is capable of killing bacteria, molds, fungi, and insects. It is thanks to these properties that ethylene oxide is used in the food sector. In fact, it can be used to sterilize food, instead of the pasteurization process. However, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified ethylene oxide as a human carcinogen and mutagen. This is why the foods recalled by the Ministry of Health should not be eaten.

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