New in Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox: Crusader Kings III, Resident Evil 7, Star Renegades and more


New in Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox: Crusader Kings III, Resident Evil 7, Star Renegades and more

Microsoft has unveiled a fresh list of games that will or have already entered the Xbox Game Pass catalog on PC and Xbox consoles. Projects included Crusader Kings III, Resident Evil 7, and Destiny 2 expansions. The platform owner also told which projects will leave the service in the next two weeks.


Crusader Kings III – Available now on PC. This is a global strategy where you assume the role of the head of a noble house in the medieval period of our history. To achieve victory, you will have to use the army, diplomacy, and wit, as well as expand and strengthen your dynasty.

The Jackbox Party Pack 4 – Available on Xbox starting September 3rd. This is the biggest addition to the party games franchise. The kit includes several mini-games, including a dating simulator, an online survival simulator, debate, and more. The project supports up to 16 users who can use their smartphones or tablets as controllers.

Resident Evil 7 – Available on PC and Xbox starting September 3. The horror action takes place in the rotting walls of an abandoned farm in the South of America. The game marked the return of the series to its roots. In the story, the protagonist Ethan Winters went in search of his missing wife but eventually fell into the trap of a family of cannibals.

Tell Me Why: Chapter Two – Available on PC and Xbox starting September 3. This is an adventure from the creators of Life is Strange. The Ronan twins will continue to uncover Mary Ann’s secrets but will find that some people who knew her want the truth to remain buried. Michael helps Tyler adjust to life at Delos Crossing while Alison struggles with the tension between Eddie’s brother and uncle.

Touhou Luna Nights – Available on PC and Xbox starting September 3. This is a Metroidvania in the Touhou Project universe. Sakuya Izayoi explores the world, must unlock her skills, and fight other characters in the series to find out the truth about the place she is in.

World War Z will be available on PC on September 3 (available on Xbox). This is a shooter in which humanity is on the brink of extinction. There are more and more walking dead. To stay alive, you have to fight all over the planet: from New York to Moscow and Jerusalem.

Star Renegades – Available on PC from September 8th. This is a strategy RPG game about outwitting AI-controlled enemies, forging friendships, and overthrowing galactic empires. The project combines a tactical turn-based combat system and a procedurally generated campaign.

Disgaea 4 Complete + will be available on PC from September 10th. This is a Japanese turn-based RPG game with over 30 characters to play. The “plus” version offers an expansion of the original story campaign about the political problems of hell.

Hotshot Racing – Available on Xbox starting September 10. This is a retro-style arcade racing game. The project contains 16 tracks with sharp turns and straight sections, an online leaderboard, and ghost races.

Tell Me Why: Chapter Three will be available on PC and Xbox starting September 10. The third and final chapter of the Ronan twins’ adventure. The search for a father turned the twins’ lives into chaos. Afraid of losing his sister, Tyler continues to search alone. At the same time, guilt leads Alison into conflict with the people she loves the most.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and Destiny 2: Forsaken will be available in September. These are extensions of the shareware multiplayer role-playing first-person shooter in which you can create your own Guardian, get powerful equipment, and explore the mysteries of the solar system. The game contains co-op missions and PvP modes.

The following games will or have left the Xbox Game Pass catalog:

  • NBA 2K20 (Xbox) – September 1;
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox) – September 7;
  • Gonner: Blueberry Edition (PC & Xbox) – September 15
  • Jump Force (Xbox) – September 15.


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