Not 40, but only 20 million, maximum. The forecast for iPhone 12 is radically reduced


Apple may sell much less iPhone 12 than previously expected

It is expected that this fall Apple will introduce several models of the iPhone 12 line, which, according to rumors, can include from 4 to 6 models. It was previously estimated that the American tech giant will ship 30-40 million iPhone 12 smartphones this year. Now the forecast has been cut in half, to 15-20 million units by 2020.

iPhone 12
iPhone 12

Not 40, but only 20 million, maximum. The forecast for iPhone 12 is radically reduced

DigiTimes said Apple’s supply chain partners are less optimistic about 5mm iPhone 12 5mm smartphones with mmWave support. At the same time, competition between suppliers is at a fairly high level. The specific reason for such a drastic decrease in the forecast for shipments of the iPhone 12 is not called. Partially to blame for the coronavirus pandemic, which crippled the global economy and reduced the purchasing power of users.

Apple has long relied on Taiwanese manufacturers to assemble their devices. Now Apple is diversifying its supply chain. The source says that Apple has significantly increased the participation of Chinese companies in the production of iPad, Apple Watch, and even AirPods. It is believed that this is a “growing threat” for Taiwanese companies that have used their monopoly for years.

As for Apple, it does this to “cut costs, diversify production risks, and make better use of the Chinese market.”



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