Official messages in Android will look like Gmail


Google prepares to test new messaging organization in Google Messages

Google will soon launch an interesting innovation in the Messages app in test mode. 

Android Official messages
Android Official messages

Official messages in Android will look like Gmail

Messages are the official Google application for SMS, MMS, and RCS chat. In the new beta version of Google Messages 6.8, preparation for the launch of the new Message Organization feature has been detected. 

Enthusiasts of the 9to5google thematic resource managed to launch it in preview mode. According to the source, the Message Organization provides the organization of message chains in the style of the proprietary mail service Gmail. 

Messages are automatically sorted into categories like personal, payments, and one-time passwords. Below the regular search box, there are options for filtering messages by category. It is also possible to display all messages. 

Message Organization is displayed as a new section in the settings, where you can enable or disable the function, as well as activate the automatic deletion of one-time passwords and codes after 24 hours. 



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