Photo of the day: Hubble saw a grand stellar waterfall


Photo of the day: Hubble saw a grand stellar waterfall

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) continues to share beautiful NASA / ESA Hubble Space Telescope images of the vastness of the universe.


Today in the section “Image of the week” is a photograph of the galaxy with the designation UGCA 193. It is located in the constellation Sextant, which is observed throughout Russia.

It is noted that outwardly UGCA 193 resembles a grandiose cosmic waterfall: a stream of stars flows out of the bright and saturated central region. Many of these luminaries are relatively small in age and have a high temperature, which can be six times the temperature of our Sun.

UGCA 193 is of the spiral type. But in this image, the characteristic structure of such galaxies is not visible, since the object is captured from the side.

Let’s add that spiral galaxies are one of the main types of galaxies. It is estimated that such structures account for about half of all galaxies in the universe. 



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