Porsche unveils a pair of incredibly expensive electric bikes


Porsche unveils a pair of incredibly expensive electric bikes

Porsche is another automaker that has tried its hand at making and selling electric bicycles. The result is both exciting and very expensive. The Volkswagen-owned company announced that it would begin selling a pair of advanced electric bikes this spring.


Porsche’s electric bike models are named Sport and Cross. The first is a road bike designed for everyday use, with full suspension, a carbon fiber frame, integrated front and rear lights, a Shimano engine, and a price that might surprise many. Sport, which weighs just under 22 kg, will cost about $ 10,700 – more expensive than most standard LADA cars.

However, bicycles with carbon fiber frames are traditionally expensive, and the Porsche badge on the head tube also explains the price. Besides, racing bike enthusiasts spend a lot of money not only on the bike itself but also on the expensive equipment associated with it.

In turn, the Cross, according to Porsche, is more suitable for off-road races. It also features a Shimano drive, carbon fiber frame and full suspension, and oversized Magura-MT Trail hydraulic disc brakes that are “heat resistant.” It weighs exactly 22kg and will sell for $ 8,549.

The Shimano EP8 motor, which is used in both bikes, is described by Porsche as ultra-compact – it delivers up to 25 km / h speed in addition to the pedals. This may not seem high enough to many, but we are talking about the maximum legal speed allowed by the European Union rules.

Porsche bikes will surely find an audience with people who love the 911 or the Taycan, but it remains to be seen if this will translate into a long-term business for the automaker or remain a one-off experiment. Both bikes will be available for purchase starting in the spring of 2021.

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