RTX & DLSS Support Coming To Fortnite This Week, And Anderson Pak Concert


RTX & DLSS Support Coming To Fortnite This Week, And Anderson Pak Concert

Epic Games and NVIDIA announced that RTX ray tracing will be available in Fortnite on September 17. It will affect reflections, shadows, global illumination, and background shading. In addition, DLSS technology will appear in the game.


NVIDIA DLSS is a technology to improve game performance and graphics using a deep neural network. In Fortnite, it will serve to improve frame rate and image clarity. Additionally, Battle Royale will support Reflex technology to reduce latency.

To demonstrate the ray-tracing capabilities of Fortnite’s Creative Mode, the RTX Treasure Run map will appear. It is a museum with a hall of mirrors, a medieval castle, a jungle, a giant statue, and a scientific laboratory. Players will have to find as many treasures as possible in the minimum time.

The companies are also working to bring DirectX Raytracing (XDR), DLSS, and Reflex ray tracing support to Save the World, Creative Mode, and various Battle Royale modes.

Epic Games also announced that musician Anderson. Paak will perform as part of the “Star Hour” concert series on September 19 at 00:00 UTC. He released his first album in 2014 and has since won several Grammy awards.v

The next concert of the yet unannounced artist will take place on September 27-28.

Fortnite is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Android.




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