Sales of 5G smartphones in 2021 may reach half a billion units


Sales of 5G smartphones in 2021 may reach half a billion units

Xu Jingquan, deputy general manager of MediaTek, expects sales of 5G smartphones to hit the milestone 500 million units this year.

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The 5G market began to emerge in 2019. Then, on a global scale, about 20 million such devices were sold. In 2020, sales soared about 15 times: according to analysts from Digitimes Research, shipments of 5G smartphones amounted to 280 to 300 million units.

The development of the 5G market will continue at a rapid pace this year. Mr. Jingquan said that sales of such devices will amount to half a billion units, and possibly even more. Thus, in relation to last year, an almost twofold increase can be shown.

MediaTek itself intends to actively develop the direction of cellular devices with support for fifth-generation communications. We are talking about the release of new processors from the Dimensity family. By the way, it was said that by the end of 2020, the supply of chips of this series reached 45 million pieces.

Today MediaTek announced its flagship 5G processor Dimensity 1200, as well as its simplified version Dimensity 1100. In the future, new solutions will be presented for 5G smartphones in the mid and low price ranges. 



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