Samsung designs Exynos 9925 mobile chip with powerful graphics


Samsung designs Exynos 9925 mobile chip with powerful graphics

The popular network source Ice Universe (@UniverseIce), which regularly discloses reliable information about upcoming new products from the mobile world, has released information about one of the future Samsung mobile processors.


The projected chip appears under the designation Exynos 9925. It is claimed that its graphics component will receive an accelerator based on AMD technologies, due to which high performance will be achieved.

Recall that last summer, AMD and Samsung announced a strategic partnership in the field of graphics solutions. The South Korean giant will be able to use the RDNA architecture in its smartphone processors: such graphics accelerators will replace Mali GPU solutions, allowing for improved performance.

Unfortunately, the technical specifications of the Exynos 9925 have not been disclosed yet. It can be assumed that this product will combine at least eight computing cores and a 5G modem to work in fifth-generation cellular networks.

It is not clear when the Exynos 9925 will debut on commercial devices. Earlier, there were rumors that AMD graphics would only appear in Samsung mobile processors in 2022. However, the formal presentation of such chips may take place earlier – in the second half of next year. 



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