Samsung stops selling giant Odyssey G9 gaming monitor due to manufacturing defect


Samsung stops selling giant Odyssey G9 gaming monitor due to manufacturing defect

Some Reddit users have complained about the unavailability of the new Samsung Odyssey G9 Ultra Wide 49-inch Curved Gaming Monitor. Recall that for the Russian market, the manufacturer rated this model at 109,990 rubles. Some Western retailers announced a delay in the delivery of new items, others completely suspended its implementation. As it turned out, the reason for this is a manufacturing defect.


One of the Reddit users said that he had ordered a monitor at one of the stores of the American Microcenter retail network, but he would receive a letter from the retailer informing that Samsung informed the store about the potential production problem and recommends to suspend sales for now. In the comments of the branch, other users noted that the sale of the monitor was also suspended in other US stores.

A similar situation is observed in many Australian and European stores. According to the German resource ComputerBase, the monitor is currently not available in Germany. However, it can still be ordered. Samsung itself, it seems, does not want to openly admit the problem. Her social platforms are silent about the problem that has arisen and the resulting delay in deliveries.

However, ComputerBase was still able to get a comment from Samsung representatives. They said that all Odyssey G9 monitors that have already been ordered but have not yet been handed over to end-users should be subjected to additional quality checks, and delays in deliveries are expected. “To ensure optimal performance for Samsung Odyssey G9 monitors, Samsung has improved the manufacturing process for assembling them. All buyers ordered the monitors, which have not yet been delivered, starting from July 15, will undergo new quality control, which may affect the delay of delivery “ – said in a statement the company.

The company does not indicate any specific defects in the monitor. However, some Odyssey G9 users report having encountered a malfunctioning NVIDIA G-Sync technology, while others have noted problems with the backlight. But, apparently, the main reason is a more serious manufacturing defect.

It looks like the main reason Samsung has decided to resort to the ” new quality check” is the peel  off-panel at the top of the monitor. Many users publish photos in which this monitor defect is clearly visible. At the same time, some owners report slight delamination of the matrix, while others complain that more than 10 cm of the panel has already peeled off from the monitor case.

As a reminder, the Odyssey G9 is the world’s first QHD gaming monitor with Nvidia G-Sync support and 1000R curvature. It is based on a 49-inch QLED panel with a resolution of 5120 × 1440, a refresh rate of 240 Hz, and a response time of 1 ms.



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