Sony has named the optimal TVs for Playstation 5. They cost from 150 thousand to 1 million rubles


Sony has named the optimal TVs for Playstation 5. They cost from 150 thousand to 1 million rubles

Sony announced that BRAVIA TVs in the current XH90 and ZH8 series have received “Ready for PlayStation 5” certification. The company says the new slogan was co-created with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) to make it easier for users to choose the optimal TV for the next-generation PlayStation 5.


TVs that are “PlayStation 5 Ready” feature BRAVIA Game Mode, which automatically reduces latency when playing on PS5. Thanks to this mode, PS5 owners will be able to turn on the TV and set-top box using the Dual Sense wireless controller, as well as control the console using the TV’s remote control.

Sony’s “PlayStation 5 Ready” TV series includes models with Full-Array LED backlighting. These include XH90 TVs represented by the 55 “KD-55XH9096, 65” KD-65XH9096 and 75 “KD-75XH9096 models. They offer support for 4K resolution (3840×2160 pixels) at 120fps and have a low input latency of 7.2ms.

The ZH8 series TVs (75- and 85-inch models KD-75ZH8 and KD-85ZH8) have 8K resolution (7680 × 4320 pixels) and can play games in 4K resolution at up to 120 frames per second. All of the above models are powered by the X1-series image processor, which improves color reproduction and delivers high levels of contrast. In addition, all models support HDR technology, which also enhances the image.

And now about how much the optimal Sony BRAVIA TVs cost for the PlayStation 5. The manufacturer estimated the novelties of the 2020 XH90 series as follows: the 65-inch model KD-65XH9096 is offered for 150 thousand rubles, the declared price of the 75-inch KD-75XH9096 is 230 thousand rubles. The younger model KD-55XH9096 has not yet arrived on the Russian market but is expected soon. As for the flagship ZH8 series, the 75-inch KD-75ZH8 model is estimated by Sony at 700 thousand rubles, and the older 85-inch KD-85ZH8 at 1 million rubles. It remains to wait for the PlayStation 5  in gold, and life is good. 



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