Sony showed the PlayStation 5 interface: one-button return to the game and the event system


Sony showed the PlayStation 5 interface: one-button return to the game and the event system

Sony began to actively share previously unknown details of the PlayStation 5. Recently, the Japanese company talked about backward compatibility, and now showed the interface of its future console and told about its innovations. According to the platform owner, one of the main ideas when creating an OS was a competent waste of game time.


Sony revealed all the details in an 11-minute clip. First, representatives of the company talked about creating a user interface, and then demonstrated how it works. The first thing they told about was the ability to return to the last running game and start the passage exactly at the moment at which the user finished the previous time. Next, the audience was introduced to the system of cards that are displayed in the menu at the bottom of the screen when one of the projects is paused. They provide access to various features, such as the latest videos from YouTube channels of developers and publishers to which the user is subscribed, and recently taken screenshots.

Another innovation in the PS5 interface is called “events”. When the user has started the game, he will be able to go to the cards and see all the information about the passed levels – how much is left to get 100% progress on them and what tasks are available for completion. What’s more, the PlayStation 5 uses user data to determine how long it will take to complete a specific activity.

PlayStation Plus members can also get help with the game. If they are interested in a missed task, then you can open the corresponding card with the event, find the mission in the list and watch its passage or get tips.

In the second half of the video, Sony showed the start-up screen that appears after the console boots up. The tiles on it are small and located in the upper part. From here, you can navigate to the center of each downloaded game to view its content.

The PlayStation Store on PS5 is fully integrated into the system and no longer acts as a standalone application. According to the creators, the search in the store has become more convenient thanks to the speed of the console and personal settings.

The PlayStation 5 will go on sale on November 19. The price of the console is 37,999 rubles. for an edition without a floppy drive and 46,999 rubles. for the Blu-ray version.



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