The first Xiaomi smartwatch with Wear OS is preparing to enter the global market. Under the name Mi Watch Revolve


In China, the device is called Mi Watch Color

Despite the fact that Xiaomi is not among the five largest manufacturers of smartwatches, according to the latest statistics from Canalys, the company is very active in this market. Among other things, she is gradually expanding the range of models.

Xiaomi smartwatch
Xiaomi smartwatch

The first Xiaomi smartwatch with Wear OS is preparing to enter the global market. Under the name Mi Watch Revolve

The trouble is that many of them remain within the native market for Xiaomi. But for at least one model, this may change soon. The Mi Watch Color, which debuted earlier this year, may soon enter the global market, albeit under a different name.

The model will be called Mi Watch Revolve. It is not yet clear when it will be released and how much it will cost, but there is a fresh video on the Web where the author unpacks and connects the Mi Watch Color smartwatch, which in the application on the smartphone is already displayed as Mi Watch Revolve. At the same time, the watches were bought on Aliexpress.

On the official website of Xiaomi, the Mi Watch Color model now costs only $ 85. Given that this is a watch with Wear OS, the price looks very tempting. True, in the global market, the device will obviously be more expensive.

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