The Most Common Reasons For Google Manual Penalties For Websites – Research


The SEMrush team shared the results of a study designed to find out what factors most often lead to Google’s manual action for links.

Google Latest May 2020 Update

The company’s specialists analyzed 830 link profiles of those sites that fell under manual sanctions for unnatural links.

How do I get Google Penalties?

The results showed that the top 3 factors leading to such sanctions include sponsored or paid links (53%); guest posts and press releases (45%); PBN and link networks (27%).

Google Manual Penalties

Key findings of the study:

  • In most cases, one bad link is not enough to impose manual sanctions. Usually, this is a combination of 2-3 or more types of manipulative behaviour on the site.
  • Google can classify as bad even links from reputable sites if they seem unnatural or paid.
  • Sites and resources are subject to sanctions more often than individual pages and sections of sites.
  • In almost 50% of cases, the cause of the sanctions was the so-called “money anchor” or “money anchor”.
  • In most cases, Google does not provide examples of artificial links.
  • To get rid of sanctions, you need to spend an average of 2-3 requests to review the site.
  • Even very old links can lead to manual actions.


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