The player spent 2500 hours traveling to the edge of the world in Minecraft. But there his character died


The gamer used an old version of the game, which is almost 11 years old

Twitch user Mystical Midget spent a total of a year and a half and spent 2,500 hours playing Minecraft to get to the edge of the generated game world. And he succeeded. He started his journey on January 31, 2021 and completed in August 2022, having passed 32 million blocks.


This attracted a lot of viewers on Twitch, and several thousand people followed the finale at once. At the same time, at the end, the game client began to slow down a lot, and the character fell into the abyss and began to lose health. The player tried to extend his life with food, but after a few seconds the character still died.

The streamer completed the passage on the 420th day, after which he restarted the game in order to “play normally” now.

It is noted that the gamer used the old beta version of Minecraft 1.7.3, which is almost 11 years old. The fact is that in the old builds of the game, the worlds were too large, and as you approached the edge, the game physics began to make mistakes, creating grotesque landscapes. In modern builds, starting with version 1.8, this is no longer the case. In them, the game creates a new map when the character crosses the border of 12 million blocks.

Earlier it was reported that specialists from Open AI taught the neural network to play Minecraft, and only from videos.

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