Video: December 3, Total War: Warhammer II will receive the Twisted & The Twilight expansion


Video: December 3, Total War: Warhammer II will receive the Twisted & The Twilight expansion

Sega, along with Creative Assembly, has unveiled a fresh trailer for The Twisted & The Twilight, a new downloadable add-on to Total War: Warhammer II. This is a set that includes two new legendary lords – Skaven and Wood Elves. For this occasion, a fresh trailer is also presented.


The video shows the clash of the two mentioned factions and in the background a voiceover sounds, which seems to belong to Queen Ariel: “As the sun goes down, the darkness deepens. Vile creatures gnaw at the roots of our mother, devoured by eternal hunger. But as winter sows death, so spring brings life! Forward, my children, bring down the wrath of nature on the enemies! “Each lord leads his own faction: these are new characters, units, unique game mechanics, and narrative goals. According to the description, the wild energy of the Great Vortex created a rift in the Dreaming Woods. He can become the source of the invasion of demons – feeling great danger, Queen Athel Lorena Ariel sends the Sisters of Twilight, her trusted messengers, to prepare everything for the closing ritual. Upon learning of Ariel’s plan, Trot the Unclean realizes that he has a chance. If he can defeat the Sisters and capture the elven queen while she is vulnerable, it may be possible to use her essence and heal from the eternal hunger pangs caused by the metabolism from the warpstone …

The Wood Elves are led by the Sisters of Twilight Nuestra and Arakhan – two sides of the same coin. They were once one but separated by the Weave. They serve Queen Ariel and can only die if both fall in battle. The sisters must prepare the clearing for Ariel’s arrival and protect her while she performs the ritual. Troops of this faction:

  • Queen Athel Lorena Ariel, who can be recruited as a legendary hero – a powerful spell caster who is quite capable of fighting back in close combat;
  • weaver of spells is a hired supreme spellcaster of one of the schools of magic (Life, Beasts, Shadows, Dark and Higher);
  • coats – mighty monstrous beasts with access to the associated spells of the School of Life;
  • Knights of the Great Deer – heavy wood elf cavalry, used to punch through infantry and slay lighter cavalry;
  • Singing Blades – Elite sword-wielding war dancers.The Skaven are led by the Master of Mutation of the clan Moulder – Trot the Unclean, who is gnawed by eternal hunger. Experiments on himself throughout his life made him a powerful creature, but an accelerated metabolism led to the fact that he must constantly eat in order to stay in shape. He is obsessed with devouring the wood elf queen in order to finally get his fill. His troops:
    • the legendary hero Gorich – the former commander of Archaon Forever the Chosen, who once did not obey the orders of the commander and was sent as punishment to the Hellhole; Trot transplanted his brain into the body of a rat ogre, creating a fiend with incredible speed, strength, and intelligence;
    • leader of the pack – the hero acts as a support thanks to area attacks and directional buffs, summons rat wolves into the thick of battle, and can ride a gloomy horror;
    • rat wolves are extremely mobile pack animals that can be poisonous and armor-piercing;
    • mutant rat or – a large individual monster that can fight with fists;
    • dark horror – a huge and fast monster that knows how to break through the ranks of the infantry. Can also be chosen as a mount for Troth the Unclean and the leaders of the pack.DLC The Twisted & The Twilight for Total War: Warhammer II will be released on December 3. Until that time, the set of lords was on sale at a 10% discount,  for 314.1 rubles, on Steam.


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