What bad habits can cause liver damage that may become irreparable


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:44 pm

Our body is a perfect machine, from many points of view. Cells, tissues and organs are extremely connected to each other, and an unbalanced lifestyle can cause irreparable damage. Too often we forget that we are the architects of our own destiny and the same concept applies to health. The choices we make today will inevitably determine who we will be tomorrow.

The liver is among the vital organs most at risk. The largest gland in the human body, essential for metabolism . The actions carried out by the liver are many: regulate digestion, increase the immune system, eliminate toxic waste.

liver damage
liver damage

The high involvement of the liver in many metabolic processes exposes the liver tissue to a large number of diseases. The state of inflammation of the liver cells is unfortunately at the root of many diseases. The damaged cells are called hepatocytes and their normal function determines the good state of health of the tissue. There may be conditions of chronic or degenerative damage, closely related to lifestyle.

At this point, the question arises: what bad habits can cause liver damage that could become irreparable.


To smoke

Smoking, active or passive, causes liver damage. The substances contained in cigarettes on the market, at the moment of their combustion, release very dangerous chemical elements. These toxic substances have the liver among their favourite targets.

An unregulated intake of drugs

Some drugs, if taken uncontrollably and without medical advice, can cause enormous harm to people. The action by which some medicines selectively affect the liver is called hepatotoxicity. Among the major causes of liver damage, free radicals stand out. These oxidants strain the body a lot. Therefore moderating the intake of these substances is essential for anyone who wishes to have a healthy and long life.

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Bad nutrition

Poor nutrition has a huge impact on quality of life. To reduce the likelihood of liver damage, you should therefore vary your diet and avoid overly processed foods. For example, introducing fatty, very salty and fried foods too frequently is very risky for our health. It is preferable to replace white meat with red, vegetables with carbohydrates and fruit with sugar. By putting these precautions into practice, the results will not belong in coming.

Here are what bad habits can cause liver damage that could become irreparable.

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