Will it be better than Windows? macOS Big Sur will be able to install updates in the background


The process will be faster than now

We already know a lot about macOS Big Sur, thanks to the WWDC 2020 event. Everything that was known after the announcement, you can read in our great material.

macOS Big Sur
macOS Big Sur

Will it be better than Windows? macOS Big Sur will be able to install updates in the background

Now there is new information. As it turned out, macOS Big Sur will finally be introducing a new system update technology. More precisely, Big Sur can not only download updates in the background but also install them without interfering with the user’s work. Now you can’t use a PC during the installation process, and the process can be quite lengthy. We do not yet know exactly how the new function will be implemented, but Apple promises a faster and easier process, that is, the OS update for the user will occur less noticeably and more quickly.

Among other things, the described new function is associated with another new function – a system volume with a cryptographic signature. It protects the OS from hacking, and also contributes to a faster software update process, since the OS knows exactly the location of the system volume.

Of course, we still have to understand how quickly the new function works, but if Apple focuses on this so much, then the difference in installation speed should be significant. For comparison, on Windows, some updates are also installed very quickly, but in some cases, the process is very lengthy. Moreover, using a PC in the final stage after a reboot is also impossible.



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