Xbox Series X: package, photos and videos of the retail version of the console


Xbox Series X: package, photos and videos of the retail version of the console

Microsoft has lifted the ban on the publication of photos and videos with the unboxing of one of its next-generation consoles – Xbox Series X. The coveted box has also arrived at 3DNews, and now we are ready to share its contents.

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

The images below show the retail version of the Xbox Series X – the same one that hits store shelves on launch day. 3DNews’ full Xbox Series X review will be released closer to this date.

As demonstrated in the unofficial video, the Xbox Series X package is very minimal, with a controller with two AA batteries, a high-speed HDMI cable, and a power adapter included with the console.

The set-top box itself is fixed in the box with foamed polyethylene and is in a protective case. Among other things, inside the box, you can find an insert with instructions for quickly setting up a gamepad.

In addition to the “live” photos of the Xbox Series X, the editors of 3DNews also prepared a five-minute video, which directly captures the process of unpacking the upcoming console.

At the disposal of the Western media is also Xbox Series S – less powerful console, the next generation of Microsoft. Probably, photos and videos of the unboxing of this device will appear in the near future.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will go on sale worldwide at the same time – November 10 this year. The recommended retail price of the first in Russia is 45,590 rubles, the second is 26,990 rubles.



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