Xiaomi is ahead of the rest. The company has certified a 120 W charger, possibly for Mi Mix 4


Super Charge Turbo Technology Includes 100-Watt Charging

An hour ago, we remembered the Lenovo Legion smartphone as the first device with 90-watt charging. Compared to the current best of 65 watts, Lenovo’s achievement looks incredible.

Mi Mix 4
Mi Mix 4

Xiaomi is ahead of the rest. The company has certified a 120 W charger, possibly for Mi Mix 4

However, we know that Xiaomi is preparing Super Charge Turbo technology with support for 100 watts of power. And it seems that she, too, is just around the corner. 3C certification passed Xiaomi charger 120 watts (20 V at 6 A)! Apparently, it will be used in the framework of Super Charge Turbo technology.

At the same time, taking into account all the statements of Xiaomi, a smartphone with support for Super Charge Turbo will support exactly 100-watt charging, and not 120-watt. Probably, the memory will simply be made “with a margin.”

Rumors attribute this charge to the Mi Mix 4 smartphone, but in reality, it’s not so important right now. It is important that as early as this year at least two smartphones with support for charging with a capacity of about 100 W should enter the market, and this is very impressive.



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