Xiaomi Mi A3 users have a holiday. The long-awaited call recording has earned on the smartphone


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:16 pm

Xiaomi Mi A2 also received such a function

Xiaomi has released a software update for Xiaomi Mi A3 smartphone users ( review ). 

Xiaomi Mi A3
Xiaomi Mi A3

Xiaomi Mi A3 users have a holiday. The long-awaited call recording has earned on the smartphone

The smartphone was released as part of the Android One program and runs on a “clean” version of Android, without the additional MIUI proprietary shell. Theoretically, it should receive updates to the operating system rather quickly, but in reality, this turned out to be wrong. 

Xiaomi Mi A3 users “survived” several unsuccessful attempts to upgrade to Android 10, which were canceled over and over again due to an excessive number of errors. Fortunately, a more stable version was released a couple of months ago and now the company “completes” it with small updates. 

Such a fresh update brought not only the June security update but the long-awaited call recording function. However, some users have already begun to complain about problems with their use. 


Two weeks earlier, a similar update was available for the Xiaomi Mi A2 smartphone. 

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