YouTube introduced a new premium program for advertisers


YouTube announced the launch of YouTube Select, a redesigned version of a premium advertiser program formerly called Google Preferred.

The Google Preferred program allowed advertisers in selected countries to reach the top 5% of video content in certain categories and focused primarily on the United States, although it was also available in Canada, the UK and Australia.

The new YouTube Select program organizes content into so-called “lines” by categories, such as beauty and fashion, entertainment, technology, sports and others.

US advertisers will also be able to target their ads to a TV audience. Among the available categories of content are Tube Originals, broadcasts of sports events, films, news and content from popular bloggers.

youtube advertising
youtube advertising

Advertising purchase options will vary by region. Placements can be purchased through Google Ads, Display & Video 360 and booked in many countries, including most countries in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Program participants can also be sure that advertising purchases do not threaten the reputation of their brand.

So, advertisers will have access to advanced settings to control what content is suitable for their company, as well as the ability to display ads only in those videos that have passed additional testing on all lines.

Recall that earlier this month YouTube announced the launch of Brand Lift on TV screens and a new advertising format.