What is Lex in Amazon Alexa? : Amazon’s Lex service: Amazons’ Lex Service, Amazon has created several services.Amazon Lex is one among the services.Its primary intention is to build a conversational interface from any customers application.To make the client’s application, it uses automatic speech and text. For the usage of text and automatic speech Amazons’ Lex uses two different features. Amazon Lex

What is Lex in Amazon Alexa? : Amazon’s Lex service

Amazon Alexa Lex
Amazon Alexa Lex

Amazons’ Lex used features:

Automatic Speech Recognition(ASR): It converts speech to text.ASR requires a fast computer with lots of data capacity and memory.The features of ASR are continuous speech capabilities, speaker independence, large vocabularies.

What is Lex in Amazon Alexa? : Amazon's Lex service
What is Lex in Amazon Alexa? : Amazon’s Lex service


Benefits of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR):

The three benefits of ASR are:

  • Accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Cost reduction through automation
  • Searchable text capability

Natural Language Understanding (NLU):

NLU understands and recognizes the text, creates customers application from users experiences and conversational interactions.

NLU uses five processing technologies:

  • Machine Translation
  • Fighting Spam
  • Information Extraction
  • Summarization
  • Questioning and Answering

What is Lex in Amazon Alexa? : Amazon’s Lex service

NLU in automated trading:

• Automatic system does most financial trading(especially in “high-frequency trading,” or HFT)

Many trading strategies rely in part on an automated analysis of unstructured data feeds newswires, analyst reports, etc.

• You can make vast profits if you can discover and act on market-moving news a few milliseconds faster than rivals

• Mostly, they’re using NLU to predict the marketsAmazon Lex, and Amazon Alex is together available to any developer.These two apps are very useful to develop sophisticated, natural language and conversational chatbots.

What is Lex in Amazon Alexa? : Amazon’s Lex service

What is Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversion with human ears, especially over the internet.

Automatic Speech Recognition(ASR) and Natural Language Understanding(NLU) are major problems to solve in computer science. To address them, we need sophisticated dark developed algorithms. These includes more data and infrastructure. It enables users to get an overall knowledge of all the products.

Amazon Alexa (Amazon Lex):


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