ITB Berlin 2024: Record Demand, Diverse Exhibitors, and Exciting Innovations Point to a Thriving Travel Industry


Global Travel Trade Show Gears Up for a Brisk Event with Over 90% of Exhibition Space Booked The World’s Leading Travel Trade Show, ITB Berlin, is primed for an exceptional 2024 edition, with nearly 90% of its exhibition space already occupied just weeks before its opening. This year’s event, slated for March 5-7, showcases a … Read more

Priceline Revolutionizes Travel Planning with AI-Powered Features, Saving Time and Money for Customers

penny travel assistant

Introducing Penny, Your AI Travel Assistant: Priceline, the travel industry pioneer, is shaking things up with its Winter 2024 Product Release. Packed with over 30 new features, it’s all powered by cutting-edge AI technology, including the ever-evolving Penny, your personal travel assistant. Forget spending hours scouring the web – Penny handles everything from finding the … Read more

European Tour Operators: Get Ready for the Evolving Asian Travel Wave!


As the Arival 360 Conference in Berlin approaches, industry leaders from Asia sound a clarion call to their European counterparts: prepare for a surge of Asian travelers with vastly different expectations than pre-pandemic tourists. Here’s how European tour operators can adapt and win over this lucrative market: Understanding the Shift: Asian Travelers with New Desires … Read more

Travel Insurance: Policy Rates and Finding the Best Deals ✈️💼

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance: Policy Rates and Finding the Best Deals ✈️💼 Navigating Travel Insurance Policy Rates Traveling is an exhilarating experience, but ensuring your journey is protected is equally crucial. Understanding travel insurance policy rates forms the foundation for making informed decisions about your coverage. In this guide, we’ll delve into the factors influencing these rates, … Read more

AvtoVAZ has released new models Lada Niva Legend and Travel


ABS and eco-standard “Euro-5”, in top versions – cruise control with a speed limiter function and much more Russian automobile giant AvtoVAZ announced the release of new models of branded SUVs. As the press service reported, Lada Niva Legend and Lada Niva Travel became available in the 2024 model year version. The recommended retail price for … Read more

Toyota and Lexus with solid-state batteries will be able to travel up to 1000 km without recharging

Toyota and Lexus

The company is accelerating its entry into a new market With the arrival of new CEO Koji Sato, Toyota has dramatically increased its commitment to electrics as it races to catch up with competitors with a wave of new models and innovative battery technologies. One of the first new electric vehicles will be a three-row … Read more

The Road to Rewards, TravelCenters of America Employee Benefits

travelcenters of america employee benefits

TravelCenters of America Employee Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide In the dynamic landscape of today’s job market, employee benefits play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining top talent. Among the notable contenders, TravelCenters of America (TCA) stands out for its commitment to providing exceptional employee benefits. This article delves into the diverse array of offerings … Read more

Lada Niva Travel received ABS after the Niva Legend – is another price increase coming?

Lada Niva Travel

From November 20, all cars of the Niva family will be equipped with ABS AvtoVAZ is gradually returning components and assemblies that disappeared from Lada cars due to sanctions and the closure of enterprises. So, the plant promised to return ABS to Niva – and it keeps its promise: yesterday they assembled 50 Niva Legends with an anti-lock … Read more

AvtoVAZ will free Lada Niva Travel from strange sounds


AvtoVAZ will free Lada Niva Travel from strange sounds Russian automotive giant AvtoVAZ has launched a service campaign for Lada Niva Travel SUVs due to identified suspension deficiencies. This was reported by the thematic publication Lada Online with reference to the order sent by the company to Lada dealerships.  AvtoVAZ will free Lada Niva Travel from … Read more

Secrets of Stress-free Travel, Untapped Benefits of a Travel Agent

benefits of a travel agent

The Benefits of Using a Travel Agent In today’s digital age, where online travel booking platforms are prevalent, many people may wonder whether using a travel agent is still necessary. However, there are numerous benefits to utilizing the services of a travel agent that can greatly enhance your travel experience. In this article, we will … Read more